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If you are planning to sign up for a gym membership in Hong Kong, there are certain factors that you need to take into account. Here are some of the questions you need to ask yourself before you join a gym:

1) Do you really have the time to work out in a gym? A gym membership is a sizable investment. A lot of people sign up and pay the membership fees only to realize that they have very little time to spend at the gym. This could be due to school-work or job constraints. So you need to ask yourself: do I have at least an hour everyday to spend at the gym?

2) How accessible is the gym? The gym should be as close as possible to your home or workplace. Most working professionals these days work out in the afternoon or early evening after they get off work. This is why it’s important that the gym is in close proximity to your home or job location.

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3) What kind of workouts can you do in the gym? The answer to this question will depend on the equipment that the gym has. That said, it’s important that you personally visit the gym and look at the equipment. While you are there, try to observe if there are trainers or staff members providing assistance to clients.

4) Does the gym offer membership privileges? Basically, you want to know the perks of joining a particular gym which you can’t find in other gyms. For instance, the gym may be associated with a fitness store where you can purchase products at a discounted price if you are a gym member. Or the gym has a rewards program wherein you can avail of gift cards or discounted membership fees.

Hong Kong is home to dozens of fitness gyms. It can be a bit frustrating trying to find the one that’s appropriate for you. However, if you keep in mind and apply the practical tips discussed above, the selection process shouldn’t be that difficult.

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