Strength training or resistance training is a very crucial part of getting fit. It can help you build and maintain your muscle mass, reshape your body, rev your metabolism, and strengthen your bones. Strength training can be more complicated than cardio exercises basing on the set of weights in the weight room. If you are a beginner or you’ve not lifted weights for a long time, it can be intimidating to learn how to start. Though it seems complex to begin strength training, hopefully, the following tips will help get you on the right track.


  1. Keep It Simple.

As a newbie, you should learn to focus raising your weights and lowering them in the right manner. Ensure to pause for one-second count during the top of the lift. An arbitrary tempo can force you to opt for varying amounts of weight or even lessen tension on your muscle hence slowing down your progress. If your loads are constantly increasing, then it’s a sign that you’re getting stronger.


  1. Don’t Overdo It.

Take advantage of hormonal surges by keeping your workouts short. Ensure to stick to not more than four lifts per workout. When you do a lot of exercises in one strength training session, then it may lessen your results since some of the exercises may not be done properly.


  1. Maintain a Log.

Remember to write down your sets, reps, exercises, and the fate of each workout. Note down the most reps that you’ve done with a certain weight on each exercise and also keep track of your best lifts. Your target should be to improve those numbers.


  1. Use Barbells First.

As a beginner ensure to start your exercises with the barbells first and forget about all the fad equipment. They help you load a whole lot of weight, and heavy lifting is a significant step towards getting stronger and getting on the right track.


  1. Add Weights Slowly.

People stop gaining strength once they lift heavy weights for a long period of time. Their strength plateaus instead of increasing. You are advised to lose your ego and choose to increase the weights not more than 10 pounds during each session.


As you become more aware of strength training, you should allow your routine to evolve. You could start trying new exercises and equipment in the weights room to keep your workouts interesting. If you get bored with the same kind of workout, then your muscles will get bored too. Remember to keep a check on the weight you are lifting and increase it as you get stronger.