Yoga Studio in Hong Kong

Yoga has been popularly known for its stress-relieving benefits. It is not your typical exercise of pumps and lifts, but rather yoga focuses more on slow movements and deep breathing techniques.

Head on to your nearest yoga fitness gym and apply these suggested tips for your classes:

  1. Write your Journal

Yoga is not just about body movements; it’s also a way to the soul. During your classes, you will realize a lot of insights, particularly in life. So,if  you don’t want to forget or miss these words of motivation and inspiration, then you better transform those eureka moments into words by writing them in your daily journal. You can write about your observations, notes on postures, new terms, or questions during meditation.

  1. Draw What You Think

Aside from a journal, if you like images than words, then you could probably just draw your thoughts. Draw stick figures of the movements and postures that you’ve learned from the day. Highlight them with arrows. You might as well scan it to your computer if you are more like a tech savvy than a sketcher.

  1. Create Your Own ‘Yoga Space’ at Home

Take your lessons from the yoga fitness gym to your home by creating an adequate space for your daily yoga ventures. Recall all your lessons by doing them on your happy place wherein you could do them regularly and peacefully.  Make sure to secure the props that you needed so you won’t be distractedly running from one room to another. You could also try to put an inspiring work of art in such place for extra motivation. Set a definite time for your practices too.

Yoga Practice at Home

  1. Balance your Body and Mind

When you have decided to enter yoga, it’s because you aim for two goals- a sound mind and a sound body. They are inseparable. It’s like you are hitting two birds with one stone. As you create physical equilibrium and strength, you also gain mental wellness. Never center to one aspect only.

  1. Have Deep Breathing Breaks

Deep breathing exercises are the simplest of all relaxation techniques in yoga. It is also incorporated in all yoga postures and exercises. With just a few minutes of inhale-and-exhale cycles, you can already refresh yourself from within. Hence, always practice these breathing exercises even you’re not at your classes. Do them right after reading, working, or before sleeping.

Make your mind and body healthy. There’s no other exercise that would make you fit and relaxed in a way that yoga does. Hopefully, you’ll be able to apply all of these tips before, during, or after your yoga sessions.

Practice deep breathing exercise