Do you admire celebrities like Nina Dobrev, Cira or Britney Spears for their fantastic beach bodies? For the men, you might be wondering what Chris Hemsworth or Zac Effron do to keep their bodies looking so hot.

You will be happy to know that you can also get a toned body and look like your favorite star. High intensity interval training can help you achieve your body goals in just a short duration.

Reasons why HIIT can work wonders on your body

The workout can help you gain muscle

You can incorporate strength training segments into your hiit routines to help strengthen your muscles. As you may know, your body needs strong muscles to conduct day to day activities like walking.

High-intensity exercises can help you burn plenty of calories

Too many calories lead to weight gain. Your body converts the calories that it’s unable to digest into fat making you prone to lifestyle diseases like;

  • Obesity
  • High blood pressure
  • Diabetes
  • Stroke
  • Cardiovascular disease

With intense workouts, your body not only burns calories during workouts but also continue to do so even after post-workout. Trainers refer to the phenomena as the “after burn” or EPOC which stands for Excess post-exercise Oxygen consumption. After burn continues 48 hours after your exercise.

Faster results

If the reason why you haven’t stuck to a gym schedule is because you don’t have enough time, you will be glad to know that HIIT requires very little of your time.

Regular gym routines require about an hour, but just 20 minutes of intense exercise can deliver the desired results and more. You also don’t require any unique clothes or equipment to do HIIT, all you need is yourself.

A single hiit workout can help you strengthen your muscles, and improve your overall health by keeping lifestyle diseases at bay. Enroll in a gym today for High-intensity training and get your desired beach bod.