Pilates Fitness in Hong Kong

Owing to its popularity these days, it is almost impossible not to have any idea what Pilates is. Talk to anyone who does Pilates and they would easily tell you of its benefits such as achieving improved flexibility, muscle balance, and endurance.   The best part is that anyone can start doing Pilates. It is not a workout that is developed only for athletes and professional dancers, Pilates is for everyone, no matter their level of fitness.

Origin -The word Pilates came from its creator, Joseph Pilates, who came up with these core exercises back in the 1920s.  When he was a child, Joseph Pilates was rather sickly. As he grew up, he aimed to develop the “perfect body” through a series of exercises that combines exercises of the Ancient Greeks and the meditations from the East. He first called his exercises as ‘Contrology’, which demanded intense meditative focus in combination with deep stretches that targets the core.

Benefits – You have been hearing of the ‘core’ a lot, and this refers to the abdominal muscles and those closest to the spine. Pilates develops a strong core, which essentially translates to a strong back and flattened abdomen. Unlike other workouts that aim to bulk up the muscles, Pilates focuses more on increasing your strength and flexibility. This increases muscle flexibility and elasticity and lowers your risk of injury. Another great benefit of Pilates is what it can do to your mind. Because it gives so much emphasis on breathing, proper position, and smooth movements, it also declutters the mind and increases your ability to focus.

Pilates workout

How to get started- If you are thinking that Pilates would need specialized equipment to get the most out of your workouts, then you are wrong. Sure, there are apparatus you can use, like the Reformer or a trapeze table, but those are not necessary to get you started. In Pilates, most exercises require a mat and nothing more. It doesn’t matter if you are a serious gym buff, an athlete, or a newbie in the world of exercise, all you have to do to get started is to join a Pilates gym in Hong Kong and you are all set.

Remember that Pilates is a versatile workout. You can combine it with different exercises like cardio to create the exact exercise system that suits you. This would allow you to change the level of difficulty and increase the level of intensity as you do more exercises.

Pilates Fitness Classes